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•Chase rainbows/a rainbow (idiom) -

To pursue some goal or accomplishment that is utterly unrealistic or unlikely to happen.(做白日梦,异想天开)


1.You can't chase rainbows your whole life - you need to pick a stable career and start being an adult.

2.It feels like the government is chasing a rainbow in its efforts to overhaul the tax legislation.

•Stop at nothing (idiom) -

Used to say that someone will do anything to achieve a goal or purpose, even if it is very bad.(不择手段,无所不用其极)


1.They will stop at nothing to get him elected.  

2."I assure you, ma'am, we will stop at nothing to catch that thief," the police officer said.

•Barefaced (adverb) –

Not show any shame about, or does not try to hide, bad behaviour. (露骨的,厚颜无耻的)


1.How does he make so barefaced a lie appear to be a truth?

2.This is one of the most barefaced acts of historical rewriting ever.

•Throw one's weight about/around (idiom) -

If someone throws their weight around/about, they act aggressively and use their power over other people more than they need to.(耀武扬威,专横跋扈)


1.The boss came in, yelling and generally throwing his weight about.  

2.The PE teacher was a tyrant who threw his weight around when it came to punishing his students.

•Make an issue (out) of sth (idiom) -

To argue about something or insist that something be treated as an important problem even it is not.(拿…说事,拿…做文章)


1.There's nothing wrong with your hair, so stop making an issue out of it.

2.I knew they'd made a mistake, but I was too tired to make an issue of it.

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